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Dunnage Air Bags

The purpose of Dunnage Air Bags / Dunnage Bags is to secure, stabilize and protect cargo in containers, wagons and hold in order to avoid damage during transportation. Dunnage air bags or inflatable dunnage air bags consist of a synthetic inner bag, which guarantees optimum pressure, and an outer bags consisting of one or more layer of craft paper, which gives the Dunnage bags its strength. The high quality and easy to use valve on the dunnage bags or inflatable dunnage bags makes them easy to inflate and deflate allowing the bags to be reused a number of times with no loss of performance. Packing Air Bag is also called Dunnage Air Bags.

Dunnage Air Bags

Application of every mode of transportation, Such as
  • Export Container transit
  • Truck transportation {for local logistics movements}
  • Rail carriage
Practice show that almost every cargo can easily be secured with Dunnage bag, Some examples
  • Palletized Cargo
  • General Cargo
  • Coils(Paper, Steel)
  • Barrels,Cases.crates
Dunnage Bags-advantages,They
  • Are easy and quick to inflate with compressed air by using an inflator
  • Save time and labour during loading and discharging
  • Can be reused
  • Are 100% recyclable
  • Are completely safe to use for both shipper and recipient
  • Require little investment for maximum return
How to use the Dunnage Bag:
  • Place the empty dunnage bag into the empty space Assure that there are no wrinkles or creases in the bag Avoid sharp objects (nails etc.)
  • Ensure that the valve is tightened properly
  • Push the infiator into the valve
  • Inflate the bag until it cannot move In the space (Working pressure 0 05 bar)

Please Note:
  • Never place two dunnage bags into same space. See drawing
    A. bag on each side of the load is recommended.
  • Never place a dunnage bag at the doors.
  • Select a bag of a suitable dimension. See table.
  • Place the dunnage bag a little above floor level to avoid damage caused by pallet edges or nails in the floor.
Width-cm Length-cm Max Void Width
60 90 120 150 180 225 240 30 cm
90 120 150 180 225 240 40 cm
120 150 180 225 240 50 cm

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